SafeComm Services

Safety Management Services


SafeComm Services mission is to provide comprehensive Driver Safety Performance and Management Awareness, and training services specifically through our driver observation program. Our innovative and technologically advanced methods provide insight into a driver’s current driving behavior to eliminate unsafe driving habits before those habits result in costly accidents, property damage, injuries or lawsuits. These methods also provide verification and insight into management’s role in the development and enforcement of the driver’s continuous training process. Our goal is to eliminate all process failures related to safety and to instill a safety climate throughout our client’s entire organization, not just their drivers.

SafeComm Services Driver Observation Program is suited for many industries such as, scrap steel, sanitation, concrete, construction and building materials, OTR operations, petroleum, public transit, distribution, and environmental services. Over the past twelve years we have performed thousands of driver observations for our clients. The results of implementing this program are consistent from company to company. A reduction in reportable incidents while reducing out of pocket expenses by as much as 50 percent for the first year alone.

Whether you use an outside source or not, driver observations are an effective means in evaluating your driver’s skills and abilities, and provide an excellent deterrent towards unsafe or unacceptable performance on the road and at customer sites.

In today’s economy, no company can afford to have accidents. We want to be a part of your company’s safety plan to help you achieve “Zero Accidents”.

Because of our commitment to safety and service, if you are not satisfied with our observation or other services they will be redone or free.

Thanks for your time and consideration!